About us

We are specialists in simplifying and optimizing procedures and routines for small and large enterprises. In co-operation with the client we analyze internal processes and routines and recommend new, innovative solutions for the organization.

We have a long experience in general IT provision as well as cross connecting different services within specific Software Engineering field. Databases, homepage etc. may be tailor made to the client’s specifications and may be connected to special services to aid or emphasis the purpose.

Solutions are available through our internet servers to various groups and different levels of access or services are made available. We also have focus on the environmental solutions such that IT and Eco products which maybe combined in an order matter.

Our experience combined with the latest IT technology provide valuable return on investment.
Eco Solutions
System developments

Our Services

In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas.
Eco Solutions
Apart from the general IT provision, we have focus on the greener environmental solutions within IT and Eco products. We perform service integrations and provide support for system design and developments.
Software Engineering
We can analyse your usecase and give firm recommendations following industry's best practices within software design, programming, websites, API, homepages, and production setup.
Databases and Archives
Our Wellport-system is a multipurpose document handling framework containing search-engine, treeview-navigation, reports and viewers and it is customizable to fit your business requirements.

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